Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Booger

We have many terms of endearment for Seth:

1. Little Booger!
2. Seth, No!  
3. Don't You Run Away From Me!
4. Seth Jeremy Tyson! 
5. Seth, Listen to Your Momma!  
6. You Get Over Here, Little Booger!

What am I learning from this little fireball?  Never tell God what you can't do.  He will prove otherwise to you.  And He will teach you how to absolutely love evcry minute almost every minute of it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


While some kids eagerly await a monetary legacy, our children have more exciting things prepared for them.

1. A love for decades old science fiction movies that they will probably never fully understand (yet even the 19-mth-old knows "Star Wars Guys" when he sees them).

2. An addiction to caffeine so strong they would rather be playing with coffee pods than watching cartoons.

We just may have played a small part in this insanity. We've tried very hard to back off and let our children be whoever they want to be. We are so proud. *sniff*

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