Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Momma's Little Helper

You might see the pictures below and ask, "Just how is this helping?" Sophie loves her two cabinets that she gets to play in, and this will keep her entertained literally for 15-20 minutes. That's enough time to paint the bedroom, take a shower and run to the store in Momville. (Okay, please don't call Child Services, I'm really not leaving her at home!!)

It's also great because I teach her about putting things back. Now when I tell her, "Okay, let's put it back," she knows what it means and back it goes. As you can see from the 3rd picture, those may not be the most beautifully arranged of my shelves, but it's fun that she can have her little area in the kitchen.

Thanks to some wise blogging advice from Rachel, I also have been looking for other ways for Sophie to help around the house (if interested, read her post about Miss Angie). Yesterday Soph and I put some laundry in the washing machine together. She thought it was such a fun game! What a great way to get Sophie started early on helping out at home!

**For those of you wondering, yes my daughter lives in pj tops and diapers when we don't go anywhere. I'm not ashamed to admit it!


Devion said...

First of all, PJ tops are a great part of our wardrobe too! :)

One thing that Cassie has LOVED to do from a very early age is unloading the silverware from the dishwasher. I put the silverware try down on the opened dishwasher drawer after I've removed all of the sharp stuff. Not only are we learning about helping around the house, it is teaching her about sorting/matching as she puts all of the spoons together, all of the butter knives together, all of the forks together. Then, we do problem solving when there is something like a serving spoon or something like that...we figure out where it goes. Now that she's taller, she also unloads the cups. She has a couple of drawers that are all of her stuff (plastic bowls, plastic utensils, etc.) and she unloads all of those items too! She enjoys doing it and it is instilling valuable ideals in her. We talk about how we take care of the house, but Daddy goes to work. We're all doing good work because it makes God and Jesus happy...that sort of thing. We do the laundry thing too. :)

Sorry this is so long, but wanted to share! :)

The Leeth family said...

Especially while I was pregnant and having a harder time bending, Gavin learned to do the laundry. It helped him with color differences and we gave him a dollar each time he did it. It didn't break us, but he was able to save up for things he wanted. He has been pulling a chair up to the sink and "helping" rinse dishes for a couple years now. It is so much fun and a great help to teach them to help out!