Friday, February 6, 2009

God Does NOT Hear Whiney Voices

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been taking Love and Logic courses (some wonderful parenting courses). One of the suggestions they talk about in those classes is for use with whiney children. When the child is whining, you're supposed to tell them something like, "Oh, that's too bad - I don't hear whiney voices. If you want me to hear you, you need to use your big girl voice." I have tried this with Sophie, and although she's still a little young to fully grasp it, I do think it helps even at her age.

Yesterday I found myself whining to God. I was having a moment of extreme discomfort and wound up pleading with God to please just let this baby come now. No sooner had I uttered the words than I felt an immediate stirring in my heart as God spoke to me, "I don't hear whiney voices, either, my child."

Wow. Talk about humility. As I try my best to raise my child to be polite, loving and godly, how much must it disappoint our Lord when I turn to Him and do those exact things that I'm training Sophie not to do?!

Whining does not get Sophie what she wants. And it will not get me what I want. In Ephesians 3:12, Paul writes that if I have faith I can "approach God with freedom and confidence." I am given the freedom to approach God with anything! He does care that I'm uncomfortable. But He also wants to train me to be a gentle and quiet woman of God.


Harrold Family said...

You are so insightful. I never thought about that. Thanks for sharing your wonderful wisdom.

Phelps family said...

Thanks for being so honest and willing to share things like this. I really appreciate that about you.
I know exactly what you mean about training up our kids and then seeing or hearing yourself doing what you're trying to teach against. Totally been there.

D's Mom said...

Good thought, Kel! Thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

How very true! I think I might "whine" to God sometimes about Matt getting a job!

Oh, and I used the same technique in Bible class on Sunday. I told the kids that I couldn't hear them when they were yelling because it was too loud. It reminded me of a story Dr. Cail used to tell about his grandkids.

Oh, and one more thing...Wicked is coming to Wichita in October. Just a thought! :)

Shyla said...

What a powerful insight. Also, I pray your new little one does make his/her appearance soon.

Andrea Kay said...

Oh my stars Kel, that was good. I need to become better at being a "gentle and quiet woman of God". I need that reminder!

Devion said...

AMEN! I needed that today, too!

Anonymous said...

Kelly this is quit a inspiration. It is odd that our preacher is leading us in a study about prayer on Sunday mornings. He was talking about this very thing. He made a point that our attitude does matter when we pray and if we are being whinny he will not hear us. Becky