Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Noley Noles!

My sweet nephew will be one tomorrow (Wednesday). I cannot believe it was a year ago that I stood in that surgery room watching them cut my sister open and remove little Nolan.

We traveled this weekend for Nolan's first birthday party. It was Will's first 4.5 hour drive. He and Soph both did great, and we turned over 100,000 miles on our Highlander. Yikes!

Here is the adorable, squishy-faced birthday boy:

Nolan's party was tons of fun. His Daddy had the brilliant idea to do a "crazy-hair" birthday party, since Nolan's hair has always been so out-of-control. Everyone was a really good sport and there were lots of fun hairdos there!

Here is Nolan digging into his cake. He was hilarious, eventually going face first into it.

Below is my cute Daddy and his crazy "hair."

Sophie's crazy hair was a hit. I must admit, though, that I am not this creative. I shamelessly stole this idea from Summer.

Even little Will got in on the action with this fashionable Eurohawk.

Happy birthday, Nolan - we love you!!


quiroz_rn said...

cute pics. I am sure they had great fun I like the hair dos

D's Mom said...

Sophie's hair was awesome!

I'm SO glad you guys were there! I love you!

Phelps family said...

Looks like a cute party. Sophie's hair looked great.

Ashley said...

First of all, I cannot believe Nolan is 1!!! That does not seem possible. Second of all, Sophie's hair is hilarious!