Saturday, May 16, 2009


Signing off for awhile. I'm not sure how long... please don't forget about me in the meantime.

In lieu of the 60 seconds you'd spend checking my blog, whisper a prayer of thanksgiving to the One whose love for you is constant and unconditional. Yes, even you.


Andrea Kay said...

Alright, I read that on Facebook too. Where you going? Signing off of the internet for a while. Are you okay??

D's Mom said...

I'm going to miss the updates on the blog, and the pics of my beautiful niece and nephew!!

Amy in Edmond said...

Don't be gone to long. We won't be able to see how fast your Will grows.

Phelps family said...

Yes, I agree with Amy. Don't be gone too long. At least throw us a picture of your kids once in a while. I enjoy seeing them. And thanks to your blog, Carly feels like she actually knows Sophie even though they've never met face to face. I know she's going to miss seeing pictures of her. She especially likes the videos.

Elise said...

Respite. Aaaah. I hope and pray it is restful, peaceful, and inspiring.

Love on those chunky monkeys! (I can say this because I have chunky monkeys, too... boy do I ever!)

Love to you all!