Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where a Kid (and Mommy and Daddy) Can Be a Kid

Friday night Ben and I took Sophie out for her birthday. Soph was a little too happy to learn that Will would be staying home with Granddad.

First we went to Chuck E Cheese, and Sophie had a blast! I now understand why parents take their young kids to Disney. It was fabulous watching her have such a great time.

After we said goodbye to Chuck, we headed down the road for some ice cream. "Yummy, i-deen!!"

Our last stop was at Barnes & Noble, where Sophie got to pick out some new books courtesy of her Grandma & Grandpa Tyson.

We really had a wonderful time and are so thankful we were able to spend that one-on-two time with our sweet girl.

In other news, Will turned 4 months on Sophie's birthday. He truly thinks he is a big boy and wants the world to know. He is now rolling both ways (back-to-tummy and tummy-to-back), he has found his feet and loves them, and when mommy holds his little hands he'll pull up to sit and/or stand from a laying position. He also coos and smiles all the time (especially at himself in the mirror).

Have I told you before how blessed I am?? I love my family!!


Eva Gallant said...

Congratulations -- 2 beautiful children!!!!

katie said...

Love the pics!! Sophie looks like she had a great time!! So glad for you guys that you had such a fun night.

Meshellyn said...

We haven't tried out CEC yet. I've always thought it was for older kids, but now I know! BTW, her hair is getting so long! Cute kids Kelly!!!

Andrea Kay said...

Kelly! Sophie's little pig tails were tooooo precious on Sunday morning. Oh gosh, I just want to squish her all the time, she's just too cute!

dev said...

Don't let Andrea near Sophie! She wants to squish her! :) Just teasing, Andrea. I totally understand what you mean. She just looks so squeezable! :) So glad you got to have a bit of special time with just her. That is really exciting to be able to do for both parents and kid! You know we love those kiddos around our house!!! :)

Jessica said...

That is neat that Sophie had "just you guys" for her bday, what fun!