Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A question I get asked frequently of late is, "How are things going?" With emphasis on "going," as if the answer is inherent in the question. Three children ages 3 and under. It can't be going well.

Well, let me put it this way. I definitely have had my days. I have great days when I think it will be a cake walk. Then the next day, well, they're more like TODAY.

That's when I call out all reinforcements, and we go into survival mode. Here are some tips for those who may feel in need of backup from time to time.

Step 1: From the first hint that it is going to be "one of those days," put on a DVD for the older kids, sit down with a cuppa Joe, and eat something sweet. Something that you really shouldn't eat for breakfast. Be rebellious for once in your life and just do it.

Step 2: After the first life-giving jolt of caffeine runs through your blood, and while said DVD is still distracting the kids, pull out the good old WORD. Nothing speaks calm to my soul better.

Step 3: Put aside the laundry (or the dusting, the vacuuming, etc...) and say YES to some fun with the kids. It may sound tiring... in truth, it probably is... but worth the effort.

Unfolded laundry:

Happy children:

Well, this one was happy until I pulled the play-do out of his mouth:

Step 4: Stop all attempts to get the baby to sleep on his back. He's not gonna do it today, and two other children want your attention. Nestle him onto his belly between the library books and unfinished laundry (where you can keep an eye on him) and take a deep breath.

Step 4.5: Insert more prayer/scripture meditation here... as the day goes on more of this is definitely needed!

Step 5: Make something really healthy... err... just make something easy for lunch (something you know they'll eat). For them and for you.

Step 6: Let the kids entertain each other. Middle of the day water-play? What a great idea!

Hide and seek under your bed covers? Ingenious!!

Step 7: Naptime for all, or "Personal Play Time" for 3-year-olds who don't wish to nap yet again.

Step 8: Whisper a prayer of THANKS for moments of gentle answers amidst the chaos. Don't forget to THANK him for the precious ones who fill your heart... what gifts they truly are.


Grandma and Grandad Eroh said...

Sweet Kelly,
What a gifted writer you are! We're so proud of you, and love seeing the pictures of our happy grandchildren (Will's pout is especially cute)!

Amy in Edmond said...

It gets better. Then they get older and you work full time, shuttle one to ballet, one to soccer and one to a football game and long for the days when you were home. My laundry still isn't put away from last week, I have kept up making sure the dishwasher is loaded and unloaded this week, but my house needs to be cleaned. I said something to Jemma the other day about the kitchen floor needing to be swept and mopped. She couldn't see any of the obvious dirt. If someone comes I hope they can't see it either. I think you would have to be blind to not see it.

Just enjoy now and enjoy the chaos later that will come.

Donna said...

Great post. I love all the pictures. You are doing fabulous with those precious gifts of yours.

Andrea Kay said...

Friend! What an amazingly strong Christian Mom you are! If survival mode gets too tough, or any of your tactics aren't working, just stand outside your door and scream...I'll come a runnin'!

Katie said...

I KNOW what a great mom you are! Those 3 beautiful children are so very blessed to have you as their mommy!!

LOVE the pic of Will pouting!

Tyson and Kenna said...

You are a fantastic writer! I love reading your posts. You share both the struggles and the joys of parenthood. I like the middle of the day water play idea and will be using it soon I'm sure!

Rachel said...

If this is what "one of those days" is like then I think you're surviving quite well. I must say that whenever I start feeling the pressure of my three kids, I remind myself that my oldest is 5 and yours is 3. So if you can do it, I can do it! Fun post, Kelly. Thanks for the reminder to stay in the word when the going gets tough.

Tiny Toes said...

That's so funny, when the girls are bored and start fighting I stick them in the bath too! Isn't it great? Your pictures look great, but I want to hold that little bundle more than anything now!!

Lisa said...

Kelly, you always know how to word things just right! You have beautifully captured the life of a stay at home mom!!! So glad to know others experience the same things I do! LOVE this post and your peacefulness and ideas! You are doing great!! Keep it up!