Sunday, November 6, 2011


It has happened, right here in this house. This house. The one that was built in 1957. The one that seemed 2 sizes too small when we moved in with only one child, and now we have 3. This house - the one that is not too pretty or fun to show off. This house that we can only invite one or two families into at a time for lack of space.

Yes, even here, it has happened. At first I didn’t realize, the changing, the moving of my heart that was God. As thankfulness after thankfulness arose from my soul, from my lips, He found me there. And He oh so faithfully brought me here.

So full of gratitude, this heart of mine. Gratitude for close quarters that demand extra lessons in what it means to truly love. God’s gift of chances to teach those sweet young ones of His grace. Many moments sharing giggles that never would have been if two rooms separated ornery boys. My thanksgiving, it soars for lessons in necessaries… there are so many things not needed.

Perhaps one day He will lead us out of this house and into another. Perhaps. Content to be here until then, and blessed beyond measure, am I.

Oh, how He loves us!

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Amy in Edmond said...

The new house will come along when you least expect it. That's what happened to us.

MOM said...

Sweet Kelly, you fill my heart with joy! Your children are blessed! Love, mom

Tiny Toes said...

Close quarters create the best memories! Next house will just have a cozy fireplace you can surround with cold toes and eager ears for the next exciting chapter of a read-a-loud!