Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Listen! Can you hear the angel tell her, all those years ago, that HE is coming? She stilled her heart and she believed that truly, "Nothing is impossible with God."

Now here we are. Waiting. Our ears tuned to hear the sound of His arrival. Our hearts filled with joy at His promise. Our Jesse tree sits ready, blessing us daily with another chance to celebrate what is soon to come.

Even these, the small ones... they feel it. They ask for the next story. They listen and know that it is as God said. He came to this earth for them!

From the beginning of time He was coming! My God always had a plan to save me from myself. A sweet, tiny babe. My hope. My freedom. My heart is full of joy!


Katie said...

We need to start doing a regular activity with our kids throughout December that teaches the real meaning of Christmas....I looked at this angel that is like the elf on the shelf but didn't order it. You will have to tell me more about the Jesse tree sometime.

Melissa said...

Hey! We are doing this too! We'll see if Nico can tell the whole story by the end... :)

MOM said...

Precious picture! I meant to ask you what the Jesse tree was.

Shyla said...

That is so sweet!

OK Chick said...

Great post, and I love the pictures.