Monday, March 12, 2012


I want so stinking badly to blog more often. Somehow it escapes me night after night. Before I know it the date of my last post was weeks ago and the picture that stares back is becoming increasingly irritating, like the skipping DVD player that wasn't so bad at first but gradually grew to a point where you wanted to pull the DVD player from the wall, cord and all, and smash it to smithereens against the floor. Of course I've never felt that way, I can just imagine that some people have.

Tonight it was Continuing Education that almost stole every minute away. Tomorrow it will be more of the same, along with some bills to pay. The next night? Laundry. Or dishes. Or perhaps laying in my husband's arms for a stolen few moments to chat.

Yet then I see this picture. I see them. This is truly what God has called me to: to love them during the day, not me. To see them and be with them - in the moment with them. Not working on another chore, not at my computer, not reading my books, NOT focused on ME. I am thankful, I am blessed beyond measure, I desire to be full of His love. Because He chose to love me, I choose to love them. And if that means blog posts are rare, I can live with that.

(Anyway, who really cares about updating my silly blog, when you can gaze at this picture for weeks to come?)


Grandma Eroh said...

I love the blogs, but I love seeing my beautiful grandchildren learning to pray more!! You are doing what is right, sweet daughter!

katie said...

You are exactly right. You will never regret choosing them over yourself!