Friday, April 17, 2009

Picture Pages

In reference to a budding friendship with a potty-seat, Sophie does have some friends. Even if they're forced on her by Mommy's desire for adult conversation.

But really, if she keeps doing this, she's going to lose them quickly:

Trying to catch Will's smiles on camera is not always easy. He's a sneaky little monkey, and quickly turns them off when he sees that "silver flashy thing."
*Thanks to Sandy and Merina for the fabulous, cushy quilt in the above pic!

It's a little tough to tell, but Will is smiling up at his sister in the below shot. He seriously already loves her and is frequently caught grinning when she's near (meaning when she's in his face).

Truly, mom, we love each other. We mean it.


Harrold Family said...

That last one of Will & Sophie is so cute. No worries mom, we don't scare off that easy. Addison and Clark have their moments too. Clark likes to make everyone think he doesn't like them including other family members.

D's Mom said...

My niece and nephew are beautiful! I like the last pic of Will and Sophie!

Anonymous said...

ahh what a cute pic of Sophie and Addie together!! You'll have to send me that through email, so I can save it! Will is just precious!
-Sara G