Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Fever

Aaaah, Spring. When we mention going to the park, Sophie knocks over anything and everything to get to the door. It's like the running of the bulls.

Tonight she brought her Disney Princess straw hat with her as well.

Below are our neighbors, Marsha and Ivan. They are wonderful neighbors. After our walk tonight, Ivan asked us if we had a slide for Sophie. We told him no, and he went into his back yard and brought out one his grandkids have outgrown. Sophie was so excited about her gift!

The slide was dirty from sitting in their backyard. I told Sophie we'd have to clean it before she could use it. Sophie then proceeded over to Will's carrier (which was sitting on the driveway), grabbed his burp rag, went back to the slide and began wiping it off! After that I could hardly make her wait until tomorrow. We cleaned it off and she had a blast with her new slide!

Here's Will after our walk. He obviously loves being outside, too!


Harrold Family said...

Are those pictures taken at the park you were telling me about? It looks nice. Sophie does like the slide. One of her fav thing here today.

Andrea Kay said...

I love that she grabbed the burp rag! That is so funny and so Sophie!

Jessica said...

You know I've always thought Soph was beautiful, but your little guys is soooo cute too! Looks like you guys are enjoying the nice weather!

Ashley said...


Ryla said...

What a creative little girl! You said that the slide needed to be cleaned and she came up with a way! That is so great!!

Ryla said...

Thanks for catching that typo on my blog! You are the only one that noticed or at least said anything! :) I am very glad he is not 6 months old already!