Monday, October 5, 2009

200 Is the New 30

Can't you hear the fanfare playing? It's my 200th post, so I decided to do it up right!

**Stay tuned to the end of this post for the exciting 200th-post contest!**

If you're in Google Reader, make sure to go to my real page so you can check out the new look for Nuggets! I can hear your voices now: But Kelly, we did NOT agree on the name "Nuggets of Pure Joy!" Why yes, faithful readers, you are correct. And you win two extra points for remembering. However, during the small trial we faced this past week with Sophie's decline of hearing, God was SO GOOD to bring my attention to James chapter 1. We are reminded that ANY trials in our lives are to be viewed as pure joy... and so, "pure joy" has truly been my motto this week.

Perhaps the Nuggets slogan will change from pure joy to something else after awhile; I haven't yet decided. But "pure joy" is what we must think on for this season of our lives, and thus, it will be on my blog as well.

Now, it seems to be the fad to do a contest for a big post number, and I could not bear the thought of being seen as a cyber-nerd. I'm dorky enough in real life! So, here's the dig. You have until Sunday evening, Oct 11, to leave a comment that answers ONE of the following two questions:

1. Which of my past posts belongs in the Adventures of Sophie & Family/Nuggets Hall of Fame? In other words, which of my past posts was your favorite and why? Or, if you don't have a favorite and wish I'd quit blogging, you can tell me that, too.

2. Why do you think I should read your blog? If you don't have a blog, why should I be your friend on Facebook? If you don't have a blog or FB account, then - congratulations! - you just became the newest resident in Cyber Nerdville. I feel much better about myself already.

You can answer both if you are feeling so inclined, but no bonus points just for being a brown-noser!

Make me laugh, make me cry, make me kick the computer screen off the desk. My favorite answer will win... drumroll please... the newest VeggieTales movie - Saint Nicholas, A Story of Joyful Giving. You don't have to have kids for the Veggie Tales, people. I watched them pre-Sophie. Really, I did.

If you've never left me a single comment, now's the time! Have fun, and remember, no one is a winner if someone ends up with a black eye!


D's Mom said...

First, I love the new look! Looks great!

To answer question one -- I don't know, you've had lots of great posts! But I like "Sugar Shots" and the one where you had spit up on your glasses. :)

And, I think you should read my blog because I'm your most favorite sister ever. And you already do read my blog. So, case closed. :)

Um, I want to win the movie!!! Delaney would love it! Think of your sweet niece...:)

Andrea Kay said...

I will answer the question after I think on it a bit (there have really been a lot of your posts that I've remembered and taken to heart, so this may be hard). I just had to tell you now how much I LOVE the new look!!! So cute!

Leslie said...

My favorite post is the one where you posted a video of Sophie pushing her baby in the stroller down the stairs, saying Oh No BABY! I think I watched that one 10 times.

And, you probably shouldn't read our blog because we tend to post every other month at best! :)

Devion said...

I love the new blog look! It looks great! My fav post is and always will be the one just below was written in such a vulnerable, humble, give-it-over-to-our-great-God manner and I still tear up every time I read it (and yes, I've read it multiple times)!

Glad we're more than just cyberfriends! :)

Harrold Family said...

Ok, first of all I LOVE THE NEW LOOK, but especially the banner. I need you to show me how to do that, please, please, please.

Second, to answer your questions. Question #1 - I love so many of your posts. The ones that are thought provoking like, Perspective or Hindsight, but I also adore reading thing with great pictures or that make me laugh, like blue eyed nuggets or dust to dust. You can make me choose because I just can't. Question #2 - I already know that you read my blog so I can't really make an argument for you to do so....however, if you haven't been there lately you need to go and read about our last adventure with a new "wild" friend.

Good luck with picking a winner and keep the great posts coming. I love them all I truly do.

Ryla said...

1. I also love the new look! And love that you have chosen pure joy. That verse has also been close to my heart with some things that have happened.

2. Katie is cheating!! She should not be allowed to use Delaney as a bargaining chip!! She is way cute, but fair. Who can compeat with that!

3. I really loved your post about Sophie. You worded things so well and were so amazing about how you kept your focus on God!! Your children are truly blessed to have such an amazing and strong mom! (and dad!) You should never stop posting!! I would really miss the updates.

4. I know that you are my friends sister, but I am glad that we have been able to come to a level of cyberfriendship!

Andrea Kay said...

Okay, I am prepared now :) I had to look back and find the title of the post that I love the most. Granted, its really hard to compete with the Wookie post, that one is hard to beat....However, the post from back almost a year ago called Humble Pie has stuck with me. It was a post that really made me stop and think about myself and the fact that I needed a piece of humble pie as well! My favorite line in your post was "And then God is so good, so merciful, so beautiful to remind me that I am nothing without Him." How true that is! I will never forget that post Kelly, it was much needed for those who read it. :)

D's Mom said...

Oh, Leslie reminded me of one of my favorites - I LOVED that video of Sophie and "Oh no baby" - it was hilarious!! That should definitely be in the hall of fame. :)

Bertolli said...

Hey cuz,

For #1, i like the one where Sophie is eating the cinnimon sugar, i love doing that myself. I love all the ones that have the cute pics of my little cousins, and the ones where Ben has hijacked your blog.

For #2, i don't have a blog or a FB page. So i guess i'm a new member of Cyber Nerdville or whatever you called it. But you could always email me. :)

Tristan and Leslie Block said...

Question One - Almost any post with a video of Sophie is a winner! She cracks me up! Or "Who cares if he's real or not, at least we get candy" picture! My final answer, however, is "Everyone should get M&M's when they potty." It belongs in the Hall of Fame for the brilliant English translation of Sophese, Sophie wiping the Di-ee baa bee's bottom and for none other than the profound but absolutely true title!
Great blog,

tonya_german said...

I too love your new look and the new name.
First my favorite post is the one where Ben dressed Elmo as a terrorist. It was great to see how you guys spend your time when the kids are in bed! ha ha
Second you should come and read our blog because frankly we don't have many readers. We NEED followers. ha ha

Elise said...

Oh, man, it has to be "Dust to Dust. Because it made me laugh so hard, and because you are a GENIUS when naming your photographs. Seriously, I should hire you.
Congrats on 200, and I love the new look!

The Leeth family said...

My very favorite blog post is the video of Sophie doing her Chewbacca impression! That was too cute!!!
but I am always encouraged by your attitude and uplifting words as your kids go through their hearing tests, etc. Your sharing the scriptures through these moments show how strong you are and why you are a great advocate for God!

Lela Paden said...

I love the new look of your blog.

i-bet-lance-has-never-pulled-50-pounds is one of my favorites. I to have done this with my children, and I even have loaded up my bike trailer with our groceries for the week. At the time we were a family of 7. Big Load!

I really enjoy reading your blog and even though we have not met I am encouraged because of your faith and your walk with God.

I like to see the things your little ones are doing because we have children the same age. (Matthias 2 and Orion 8 months.)

And it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all it you wanted to follow my blog. So heres to hoping you Pick Me! Pick Me!

Shyla said...

You should read my blog because I read yours. And I'm cool. Okay really there is no reason I'm terrible at updating my blog.

BTW I love the new look. Very cool!

Tiny Toes said...

Alright my dear, here is my answer. You might not think this post was anything spectacular but I guess it was what it represented. Your post about the Little Debbie brownie had me spilling tears of laughter! Why? Because it is EXACTLY what I would have thought! That is why I tune in. You have a gift of sharing your life with us in a way that makes us feel like we are in your shoes. You put our thoughts into words. (Words we sometimes don’t have the guts to say, like the fact that High School Musical would be a fun romantic date movie!) Thank you for sharing your sweet love affair with your soul mate, your tender compassion for your angels, your comical frustrations with day-to-day life, and your deepest sorrows as well. I can’t wait to see what the next 200 posts will bring! I love you!

Amy in Edmond said...

After lengthy deliberation, our family had two blogs that were our favorites: Wookie and when Sophie pushed the baby down the stairs in the stroller. My boys loved her playing Star Wars and they all laughed about the stroller incident. I'm not sure what that says about our family, but we won't go there since this is your blog and give away.

Now, since you recently won on my blog, I though we would at least make your Near and Far part of your blog since you updated your look. I would be happy with a spot on Comfy and Cozy also. I think that would give me a couple of extra points towards a win.