Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Final Blow to the Gut

This morning I received this message in my email inbox:

Hmmm... does it really say I went and I watched? Because if I remember correctly, my tickets sat on our kitchen table while I spent Friday vomiting and Saturday attempting to recooperate while caring for my sick son. Our big anniversary weekend away, a bust. Along with the money for these tickets and one of our hotel stays.

I'm not ashamed to admit I shed some tears over this one.

And then, it was time to pray. Believe me, I realize I had this one out of order - the prayers should have been first. Yet through my tears my stubborn soul began to pray, and God spoke these words from 1 Thessalonians straight to my heart: "...give thanks in all circumstances..."

My list of humble thanks to the One who is truly in control:

1. My stomach flu hit hard and fast, before we left for Kansas City.
2. A chance to be reminded (as if I didn't already know) of what an amazing man God has blessed me with. Not ONE complaint about what he was missing. Just hugs, wiping tears, and cleaning up puke on top of assuming almost complete care for our children.
3. An incredible Daddy of mine who came while Ben was at work Friday morning and took care of his grandkids while I lay immobile on the couch or bathroom floor.
4. Sophie got special time alone with Grandma, which she would not have had if mom and dad had been out of town.
5. Feeling somewhat better on Saturday so I had time to hold my sweet boy, with his third day of fever and terrible cough.
6. Whatever uknowns existed... for my Father, He loves me and knows what is best for me... perhaps He was keeping us from things we don't dare think of...

So here's to our dearest Toby Mac - the Tysons hope that you gave a fabulous show in honor of us last night. We imagine you gave us a shout out from stage, telling us Happy 8th Anniversary, and the crowd cheered because 8 years is quite an accomplishment! Way to go to that awesome couple!

And next Saturday, we hope to be back in Kansas City, enjoying a slightly belated anniversary evening away. Sans Toby Mac, but nevertheless, it has all the makings of a fabulous anniversary adventure.


Donna said...

What an awesome testament of giving God thanks in all circumstances. No shame in crying, I would have too. I am glad you get another go at it this coming weekend, but sorry you didn't get your trip. Hope you and your little guy continue to get better.

D's Mom said...

Good for you for looking at the blessings!! I really really hope you and Will are both back to 100% SOON!

Devion said...

I shed tears FOR you, my friend, so no shame, as Donna said! My heart was breaking for you, but you're absolutely right that God, in His infinite wisdom, kept you away for some reason. Get that baby feeling better! :)

Amy in Edmond said...

I'm sorry you and Will were sick. It's never any fun no matter what is planned.

The Hudkins Family said...

You are an amazing woman! God has blessed us all!!

Rachel said...

It's a major bummer that you were sick first of all, and then having to miss the concert stinks too. But you are so right in your list of thanks. And I'd say that you shouldn't be too worried about when you realized you needed to say a thankful prayer. You did realize it, so I don't think you're as stubborn as you think.
And let's see this coming weekend, the two of you and the phrase "amazing adventures". Yeah! Totally! You guys always make the most of times like this, so I'm sure this weekend will be fabulous--toby or not.

Rachel said...

Rats! I knew I was going to get that wrong. I should have gone back and checked, but you used the phrase "fabulous adventure". And yes, I'm quite confident you'll have an adventure and it WILL be fabulous.