Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Week Calls for Randomosity

Random Fact #1: I did finally enjoy a fabulous anniversary trip with my hubby to Kansas City on Saturday. It was beautiful, as is our love.

Random Fact #2: Despite our phenomenal Saturday retreat, this is how I've felt pretty much every morning this week:

Yesterday morning after asking God for His strength because I had none left, I came and read this. Oh how helpful it was!

Random Fact #3: My son loves dirt. I'm pretty sure Pee Wee Herman would ask him, "Why don't you marry dirt, then?" I think he would.

Random Fact #4: The white legs behind my son in the above picture will be seen much more frequently this summer. Forget the purple blotchiness decorating their backs, which are my war wounds from Baby T #3. I was in pants today and I thought I may not survive. Did I mention it was only 85 degrees? Oh yes, there will be shorts, and there will be lots of them.

Random Fact #5: I adore this picture of my mom and sweet girl:

The craziness of life right now insists on randomosity. This could be the new norm.


D's Mom said...

That is a sweet pic of Mom and Sophie!

Sorry you've been having a rough week (or, at least, rough mornings). Hang in there my precious sister!!! I love you!

md said...

I love the ramdom facts!! Hope your weekend is better than your week was :)

Devion said...

Randomosity is good. What ISN'T good is that I haven't heard a word from you about Cinzetti's...I told Mark that you were probably just being kind to me by not mentioning it since you know how badly I want it! :)

I, too, love the pic of your mom and Sophie. Too cute!

I totally understand the mornings thing. They have been kickin' my behind. Maybe the cool, refreshing mornings at camp will help us both? :) Can't wait to get to catch up with you this weekend, my friend!

Andrea Kay said...

Ahhh I like your kind of random! So fun! The pic of you and Ben is so sweet, is it the Plaza area? And the one of your mom and Sophers is adorable!

Kelly T said...

Andrea - the pic of me and Ben is outside of the Chateau Avalon where Ben and I stayed - it was an awesome place!

Rachel said...

Randomness can be a good thing, so I say just embrace it, if this is meant to be your "new norm".
And BTW maybe I've just been in Alaska too long, but I don't excessively white legs at all! And I even double clicked on the picture to see it larger. I say the color is just fine and as for purple blotches...yeah, I don't see those either. (I looked for that too:) hee hee) So I'm thinking whatever you're seeing is not nearly as bad as you think.
Hope your mornings are better from here on out. That's no fun.

Grandma Eroh said...
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