Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All the Cool Kids are Doing It

For Memorial Day weekend, we found ourselves at our church's annual Family Camp. It really is what all the cool kids are doing... no one really wants to miss Family Camp and you're afraid if you're not there you're going to be shunned from all social events for the next year. So off we went! It was well worth it, even at 6 months pregnant. We had a blast!

We had such a good time that I only remembered to take a few pictures. I did manage to catch two of Sophie's "big girl" activities - I was so proud of her because she was very nervous but still tried these things anyway!

Sophie and Daddy canoeing:

Little brother hanging out on the sidelines at the lake:

Sophie getting ready for her horse adventure:

Riding the horse - she only went one time around and said she was done, but I was so excited that she even got on!:

Chowing down after three days of not-so-great food - macaroni is the way to these kiddos' hearts!:


Amy in Edmond said...

Way to get out there and go even when you are 6 months pregnant. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Andrea Kay said...

Yep...I am "THAT" person. Yep, the one that didn't go and will be (and have been this past year as well) shunned from the social events :) I'm glad you guys had fun...even though a ton of people got sick!!

D's Mom said...

I love seeing him in the outfit I got him! It looks so cute!

Ryla said...

Katie, you are so funny buying both of the boys the same outfit, but it is super cute!!

It does look like what all the cool kids are doing, what a great way to spend the weekend!!

Rachel said...

Looks like so much fun! And what a big, brave girl little Sophie is. It's a good thing our little girls are willing to go along with whatever their daddy's suggest. I could see Shawn doing the same thing with C at about the same age, and me cringing that she'd fall in. But I bet Sophie didn't have any fear in the canoe since she was with daddy.