Monday, November 22, 2010


Of late, I am joyful. It fills my heart, urging me to sing, demanding that I praise Him. Why?


Have you known me in the past? Laden with burdens, drowning in guilt, sorrowful in comparing myself to others. Not anymore. At first He whispered His love to me. I didn't listen. Then He spoke it. I turned away. I heard the words but jut couldn't believe. And my life was an example of one who was carrying quite a load.

Somewhere, in His mercy, and His great love for me, He chose to shout. Oh, praise Him. For now I see that list of my faults, and I am full of joy!! I know, friend, you want to laugh. Joy? Over your faults? Of course, you must understand - I do want to change those things. But I finally see how I cannot EVER do that on my own. His Spirit will guide me, and He will continue to forgive me, because HE LOVES ME.

So... yes. I am a sinner. Yes, I yell at my kids sometimes. Yes, I have a dirty bathroom. Yes, I find myself judging other people. And PRAISE HIS NAME, I am forgiven. Now I can choose to take my life and make it better. Because He gives me hope. His hope does not disappoint. It brings me joy!!


Donna said...

Beautiful. That is all I can say.

Grandma Eroh said...

Love the post. Love the pictures! I know that someday that little girl will be full of the Spirit, just like her mommy. Love, mom

Rachel said...

In all things He can be glorified. Thanks for your honesty. Your words this past week have meant a lot to me.
Lots of love from one momma with a "please clean me now bathroom" to another. :)

OK Chick said...

Very cute!