Tuesday, April 15, 2008


WOW. As I write this, there have been 95 votes on our blog for Sophie's baby contest picture. THANK YOU. I'm in amazement. I can't believe that many of you have been to my blog to vote, and Sophie and I both feel honored. Ben doesn't really care. Ha ha, yes he does, and he was excited that the crazy hair bathtub pic is the front runner; it's his favorite. There is one day left to vote, but it seems pretty obvious that we'll be submitting that picture. If you haven't seen it, you can see it on the post right before this one. We'll make sure to keep you all updated, although we won't know anything for a few months still.

We are adjusting to life here in Wichita. Ben likes his job so far, and he especially likes the people he works with. Sophie and I are getting used to being at her Grandma's all the time. She loves having Grandma, Grandad and Uncle Jeremy around to give her lots of attention. It definitely feeds right into her Drama Queen profile. Jeremy went with me and Sophie on a walk yesterday afternoon - the weather was gorgeous. Here is a pic of our Sun Bunny before the walk.

Sophie still isn't crawling, which is probably a blessing, as I doubt that my parents' house is child-proofed. But, since I'm a therapist and want my child to develop in some semblance of normalcy, it drives me BANANAS that she's 9 & 1/2 months and not crawling. She is, however, pulling up and cruising all over the place. All the TVs are in higher positions here, so we can't really sit her down in front of one for Sesame Street or Baby Einstein. Instead, I put my laptop on the fireplace and put on a Baby E there. Soph no longer sits still for her videos, though. Almost before the video starts, she's pulling up onto her knees or into a standing position, and she'll stand there and play and watch her video. It's so funny. Below is a pic.

You've just gotta love the fat, squishy legs. Oh, I adore them.

Please send us emails or leave us comments and let us know how you all are - we miss our OK friends!


katie said...

Cute photos -- I like the one of her at the fireplace. Her standing there and watching -- So cute! Does she like any of the Baby Es we let you borrow?

I'm sure Mom and Dad and Jeremy are loving having her there. :)

her daddy said...

That baby is PHAT!

Anonymous said...

I miss all of you so much and have been thinking of you everyday. I'm so glad to hear moving and adjusting has gone well. Sophie is precious as ever. Love you guys!

Elise said...

She's just gonna walk before she crawls, that's all! I've heard of this phenomenon- it means she's brilliant! :) No worries, Mama, although I do understand... Micah said nary a word until he was two. I fretted needlessly. Now he won't stop.

Love you guys! (p.s.- I voted bathtub hair!)

Kellie said...

What a cuties. She looks so awesome in her sunglasses! We miss you guys so much. But I am glad that you guys are doing well. Let us know how the Good Morning America thing goes.

Matt & Lori said...

I hope you're having fun in Wichita! Sophie is still cute as can be! Love y'all!

The Hamblins said...

I bet it has been so great for all of you to be around your family! We are coming to Kansas next weekend, but I dont' think we will be in your area. :(

Keep those pictures coming!!!

The Hamblins said...

Hey, I just noticed on your page you read the Quad Mom blog, too. I had found it through the girl that redid Jeana's blog look. I've been following their story and I find it amazing. That is a lot of babies!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! It still hasn't sunk in that we won't see you guys anymore. :( Anyway, I was reading my friend Chad Kositzky's blog about their new son Brayden and saw that Kelly wrote them a note. Chad and I were good friends through high school. I had no idea you guys know them. Small world. Anyway, it made me think of you guys. Hope life is grand. Obviously, the georgeous Sophapilla is still as adorable as ever!

Mike Nickell

Anonymous said...

95 votes! Ben,...you've been voting multiple times, haven't you? Not even David Cook gets that many votes on American Idol!
Let us know if you want us to teepee your house so it'll sell better.
Chris & Holly