Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Shoes

The shoes may be cute... but they're no match for those exquisite, chubby legs!
*I searched all over Wichita for the right soft-soled shoes, returning two different pairs before finding these (one pair I returned because Soph's feet were too fat to fit in them!)!


Jessica said...

We have the same fat foot problem at our house... our solution... just skip the shoes... :) I guess that is a little harder now that little Sophie is already pulling up to walk! You'll have to keep me posted on shoes for when we have to have them in a few months! Great to see you at Northside, hopefully see you at Family Camp in less than a month!

Meshellyn said...

Love the shoes, they are really cute! We have the exact opposite problem. Emberley has skinny little feet and most shoes aren't quite narrow enough. Now that she is so close to walking on her own I need to get busy finding a good pair of shoes. She usually wears socks or goes barefoot most days :)

md said...

Those shoes are cute. Caleb hates wearing shoes. We won't even be out of the neighborhood and he already has his left sock and shoe off. The weird thing is he only takes off the left. Are you guys going to family camp?