Monday, June 9, 2008

Air Mattresses, Home Repairs and Good Friends... Oh My!

(Brace yourself for a marathon post.) What a FABULOUS weekend we had in OKC! It was a whirlwind but we had such a great time and we got so much accomplished. Being Momma to an always-busy 11-month-old, I was not able to take many pics this weekend; but seeing as I am OCD about posting with pictures I found some great substitutes.

On Friday, we arrived in OKC around 11 and Ben and my Daddy set to work on the house. They had a list of about a dozen things they needed to knock out, and they worked hard! By 5:00 that evening they were finished, and my dad was back on the road to Wichita (who can blame the man for not wanting to sleep on an air mattress?!). Thanks, Daddy, for all your help - it was so appreciated and WE LOVE YOU.

In between repairs on Friday, I took Sophie to lunch with my friends from Jim Thorpe Rehab. It was so great to see everyone and catch up on all the latest (*gasp*) gossip. This is a pic of my going-away Speechie lunch from back in March (Speechie lunch b/c the invitation was to Speech-Paths only, plus one honorary speech path, our music therapist Suz). Might I add, that if you look closely you can tell this lunch is at Pizza Hut. Am I related my sister or what?!

After lunch on Friday Sophers and I met Ben at the title company, where we signed lots of papers (but not as many as expected). It felt great to sign, but it will feel even better on Thursday (yes, it has been pushed back) when we hear that all is final.

Saturday morning we got up and had a BLAST playing on the air mattress. Sophie had so much fun on it and had the greatest belly laughs while her Daddy bounced her around. Then we went to a yummy-o lunch at the Arbuckles. It was so great to see them; we miss you guys so much! And while I failed at taking pictures again, I also managed the title of "Bad Mommy of the Year" by forgetting to take a bottle with me to their house. This found us departing prematurely for our house, where Sophie got a bottle before we headed back out for a little graduation dinner with two of the kids from Capitol Hill, Maricarmen and US.

Sunday found us meeting Heather, Joey and Emelyn for lunch at Chili's. Heather is one of my dear friends from graduate school. She has a beautiful daughter, Emelyn (Emme for short), who is two weeks older than Sophie. Her hubby, Joe, is a member of the National Guard. We were lucky enough to catch him during his 2-week leave, before he returns to Iraq for another 4-5 months. Please PRAY for Joe and his unit as they travel back to serve our country. At last, I finally captured some great shots.

Notice my daughter, the perpetual bully, poking out Emme's eye. I cry tears of pride.

Of course I had to include the random cute pic of Sophie. In the second pic, Emelyn is signing "please" for some food. Cute!!

Daddies with their girls, and below that, Mommas.

Sunday afternoon while Ben let Sophie nap, I took out a few of the girls from Capitol Hill for a Sonic drink. Nikki, Shameka (MooMoo), and Ikia are my GIRLS and it was so great to spend some time with them. This pic is the three of them, me, and Lauren (one of the most amazing and dedicated servants for the Lord).

After Sonic, we all headed to church at Capitol Hill Church of Christ, where Ben, Sophie and I got to enjoy worship with our old family. It was so great to be back, and Sophie LOVED the upbeat singing and clapping. Too, too, cute and I wish I had video.

Wow, did I say whirlwind? I think I meant more like Tazmanian Devil-ish weekend. But, unlike said character, we did not leave destruction in our path (at least, we didn't mean to if we did). Thank you, Father, for great friends, perfect memories, and a place to visit that will always feel like home!


The Hamblins said...

I am so happy for you guys about selling your house! BTW-we waved high to you guys as we passed through Wichita this afternoon! Aleeyah and I were on our way home from finding a place to stay in Kansas.

katie said...

Wow, you guys were SO busy. But what a blessing that you got to see so many people you love.

Sophie's dress in the lunch photos is adorable!! Where did you get it?

OK Chick said...

So I love that when I read your blog you have a different song playing. But it always takes me a few seconds to figure out that your blog/my computer is playing the music-loudly. Not your mine. Anyway,today it took me half of "Oklahoma" to realize that the song was coming from my computer. I kept wondering why one of my coworkers was listening to the song. I also thought it was weird to be hearing Oklahoma and reading about you guys being in Ok- at the same time! SOO I'm not the smartest girl sometimes. HA!

Andrea Kay said...

How sad is it that all I want to say is....what a cute hair bow!!!

Brian and Shannon Plumb said...

Hey Kelly! I was so glad I found your blog on here! Sophie is getting so big and is the cutest thing ever! I just want to give her a hug! We miss you guys and hop all is going well!

Matt & Lori said...

I wish I could have been around for your visit to OKC! Glad you guys sold your house...hope everything went well with the closing today!

T. L. Cole said...

Hey guys,
Yeah, you sold your house! Boo, we haven't seen you all in forever! What was it? New Years a few years ago?? Well, when every your back this way give us a ring we'd love to see you!