Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Beehive State

Wow, what a great time we had in Salt Lake City! We always enjoy our trips there, but this time was extra special as the girls were old enough to interact a little with each other. Ben's sister and her hubby, Jen and Chris, have a little girl, Elyssa, who is seven months old. It was so fun to watch the girls play. They both are so pretty with huge blue eyes and long eyelashes, so of course we had lots of attention wherever we went.

Our first full day there was Thursday, which was pretty uneventful as Sophie was a CRANKYPANTS after having spent the previous day on airplanes. However, we did manage to go out to the park. Notice my happy daughter on the swing.

Friday found us on our first real outing, which was to Hogle Zoo. Ben's aunts Jani and Sandy, and two of Ben's cousins, Chris and Merina, met us at the zoo as well. Sophie loved seeing the elephants and especially the meerkats (such a funny thing for her to like!). Jen and I also took the girls on their first carousel.

Saturday we went to a family reunion. Here we are hanging out in the grass at the reunion. Ben's dad, Bill, LOVES being grandpa to these two little girls.

Sunday was busy with a breakfast in the morning (for the reunion), then to church, home for naps, and to more fellowship that evening. The girls were not digging the drive back to the church that night. Jen and I get "Momma of the Year" awards for "busting a gut" laughing at our daughters, and taking pictures, instead of calming them.

Monday we had a fun, lazy afternoon in the wading pool. Oh, the girls were so cute. They loved the pool and played until they were both TUCKERED. That evening we went to Ben's aunt and uncle's house for a little early birthday party for Sophie.

After eating her sugar-filled cupcake, Sophie was going 90-miles a minute! She would walk back and forth, back and forth; then she'd fall down and laugh at herself; and the whole time she was jabbering in baby language! It was hilarious!

As you can see, it was a busy, BLESSED week, and we are so thankful that we were able to go be with our Utah family!


D's Mom said...

I'm glad you're back in blog-world!

She looks older in those last few photos...*sniff*'s been too long since her Aunt Katie has seen her!

The pics of her and Elyssa crying and then with the pacis are cute.

Merina said...

It was really fun hanging out with you guys at the zoo. Too bad we didn't have more time together. I know all of the Moab, UT family enjoyed our little vacation with the rest of the Tysons. :)

Andrea Kay said...

Welcome home!!! The two girls crying and screaming in the car are priceless...I would totally award you mother of the year for allowing that to take place and then capturing the moment with a photo!

Phelps Family said...

Welcome home. Glad you're back to blogging. I missed reading your news. Looks like you had a fabulous time in Utah. We love zoo trips too.
And I have to agree with the others who've commented on the screaming and then paci pictures. Hey, not all moments with babies are smiling moments. So, I say good job for documenting a moment when they weren't necessarily smiling.

Sarah said...

What a pair!!

That is such a fun age. Glad you guys had such a good trip!