Thursday, June 5, 2008

We're Off to See the... Okies!

Tomorrow morning (Friday) we will set out bright and early on an oh-so-familiar journey to Moore, OK. There Ben and my dad will make some minor repairs at our house to prepare it for closing on Tuesday. Yes, I did just type "closing on Tuesday," and yes, it is still scheduled as of the moment I type this post. I can only thank the Lord for this. We'll also spend some time catching up with our Oklahoma friends, perhaps spend some time with our honey-lambs (who love to watch hawks making lazy circles in the sky), and maybe spend some time in the wind-swept plains with the sweet smell of waving wheat. Okay, as far as I know we're really not going to do the last two things I mentioned, but I had to give a shout-out to good ol' Oklahoma's state song, didn't I? Can't blame a girl for feeling a little nostalgic.

Sophie is finally getting over her virus/cold. Mother's intuition was way off on this one; so very wrong that I'm a little embarrased to admit it. There still are no more teeth in her mouth than there were on Sunday morning when I wrote about her fever being from teething. Guess I owe someone an apology... don't know who, though. We're so full of praise that Soph is finally breathing better. This means better sleep for her, which means, we pray, better sleep for us tonight. Wow, we've been so spoiled by our amazing sleeper, and we're ready for her to be back full time.


Phelps Family said...

Woohoo on the scheduled closing of your house! We'll be praying for you guys this week.
Glad Sophie's feeling better. No worries about mother's intuition. Isaac had a double ear infection that we discovered at his "well baby" 6 mo visit. And probably a week before the appointment, I was calling him a crybaby for not letting me put him down. Whoopsie! I guess he did have a reason to be a crybaby.
And grr to you spoiled with a good sleeper! Isaac is in a phase right now where we wakes up at 5:30 am about 90% of the time. This phase better quit soon.

Holly said...

Glad you are coming this way. Maybe I will see you guys Sunday night. Really glad to hear that the closing is looking promising!

katie said...

Yay that Sophie's getting better! It's hard when you're spoiled with good sleep when they wake up from sickness, etc.
And YAY for the closing of your house. How very exciting that you'll get to find your new home in Wichita!
Love you all!

Meshellyn said...

We did the same thing in our home this past week. A week of being sick, in addition to teething, but I think she was more sick than the other. I still can't pry her jaw open to see if those molars are in yet or not. She's definitely not chewing on her fingers the way she had been though!

Well, I just woke up from my nap. Have to get ready before for work before she gets up and I already hear her moving around. GTG!

Devion said...

You've been tagged in a meme on my blog! It's #2. Check it out!

Holly said...

Kelly, it's Ashoni who is working at Panera! It is so fun. She is doing such a great job and is perfect with the customers because she has such a great spirit. Anyway, she lives really close to me, so I am hoping to spend more time with her.