Thursday, July 17, 2008

Maryland or Bust!

Today Sophie and I will leave the green plains of Kansas for the coast of Maryland. We're going with my mom and dad to visit my dad's family. Ben couldn't take off work, so he'll be "batching" it for a whole week while Sophie and I enjoy the Maryland beaches.

We'll start our visit in Olney, MD for my cousin Ralph's wedding, then we'll drive to the coast on Sunday and spend M-W as beach bums at my uncle & aunt's beach house. Tough life, huh?!

I probably won't have a chance to blog while we're gone; I'd like to promise some beach pics but I don't want to leave you with the bitterness of unfulfilled expectations.

Please pray for our safe travels there and back, and especially for our timely delivery back to Wichita next Thursday night, the 24th (we're supposed to close on our house the next day)! Please also pray for my hubby that he survives without us.

Bon voyage!


The Hamblins said...

Have fun! I hope to see those beach pictures when you return! ;)

D's Mom said...

Wow! It's crazy that you guys will be gone for a whole week. Have fun. Hopefully I'll talk to you while you're there.

Ben said...

I'm lonely!

Matt & Lori said...

Have fun on the beach!

OK Chick said...

Maryland is very cool. I hope you guys have a great time.

The Hamblins said...

Hey girl! Hope you are having fun! I called you but forgot that you were gone. Call me when you get a chance!