Thursday, July 10, 2008

Semper Fi, Uncle Jeremy!

In all of the excitement about the new baby (ETA: Feb 22, for those of you who are asking), I forgot to post sooner about my brother Jeremy's recent decision to join the Marines. He signed with the Marine Corps about a month ago, and this Monday he flies out of Oklahoma City for San Diego, where he will endure 13 weeks of butt-kickin' boot camp.

Although I'm sad that Sophie won't have her Uncle Jeremy around anymore, Ben and I are so proud of him. We ask for your prayers in his new venture. Please pray for his success, safety, and full reliance on God in a not-so-godly atmosphere.

Please also feel free to leave comments of encouragement for him on this post!

We love you, Jeremy!


Shyla said...

Congrats on your new addition! I will keep your brother in my prayers as well as all of the other amazing people who are willing to sacrifice so much for this country! Best of luck to him. And I hope your pregnancy is going well.

Damon and Amy said...


We are so excited for you!! Damon and I will look forward to hearing about your service through Kelly and Katie. Thank you for serving our country.

God Bless!