Monday, July 14, 2008

Pigtails and Bookworms

The pigtails were worn about a week ago to church. I just adore them!

I know I've written before about Sophers loving books, but seriously, my daughter has a major case of the bookworms. I don't know if any of you have children who were so focused on reading at the age of 12-months, but from conversations with my friends, Sophie seems to be on her own on this one. While other kids like books and will sit for a couple pages, my daughter is the one who picks up books (sometimes even 2-3 books) and follows Momma around with them, babbling about how she wants to hear the story. She doesn't relent. Eventually, I give up what I'm doing and snuggle her up close for some good readin' time. And you do have to settle in, because anything less than four books is not acceptable. I'm not kidding!! She sits there for at least 4-5 books and listens to it all with a smile on her face (often she even tries to repeat the words). It is too, too precious, and I'm really not complaining. Although there are moments I have to tell her that we aren't going to read and she needs to go play with her toys. Again, I can sense a "Mom of the Year" nomination in the near future.


D's Mom said...

That's so great that she loves to read books! I'm glad that Delaney has liked books so much.

Harrold Family said...

That is too cute! I love pigtails too. Addison didn't that when she was little but she is quite the bookworm now. It is great. My favorite part is that Addison loves reading the Bible.

Tabs said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! SHE IS SO ADORABLE!! So cute, it almost hurts actually.