Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Confessions of a High School Musical Junky

I admit it. For a couple hours on Sunday I found myself actually imagining myself back in high school. Thankfully I wasn't returning to my alma mater Northwest here in Wichita, but to East High, in New Mexico. I could feel myself becoming friends with Gabriella and Troy... after all - they're nice to everyone, so my "nerdiness" wouldn't have mattered too much, right?!

When the show was over and I realized that I really was a crazy 29-year-old attempting to find momentary acceptance and joy through fictional characters (who probably are at least ten years my juniors), there was only one thing I could do. Watch the second movie. Don't worry, I did wait until my daughter went to bed - she wasn't getting the cold shoulder for Zac Efron!

Unfulfillment crept in as the second flick ended. Where does this leave things? What will happen now that our perfect summer... err... your perfect summer at the country club is ending, and you have to return to school?

It's a good thing my husband's on top of things. This Friday night, he's taking me out for the most romantic movie you could name. High School Musical 3: Senior Year!

**Thanks, Brianne, for sharing these fun, cheesy, clean movies with us!


Tristan and Leslie Block said...

I love those movies too, but I have yet to see the third one. Tristan isn't so crazy about them, but I may just have to work on him a bit more to take me to see #3. Have fun on your date night!

Merina said...

You do know that that was filmed in SlC right? Well i've seen the first and second but not the third. I didn't get to see the week that it was in the moab theatre.

Tiny Toes said...

I love how beautifully honest you are on your blog! You say the things we all are thinking!

Matt and Lori said...

Well, I haven't seen any of them, but I'm sure they are wonderfully cheesy! Hey, where do you work in Wichita? My aunt works up there at a nursing home. I was telling her you lived there, but I couldn't tell her where you live, or go to church, or work. Then I realized I'm a bad friend because I don't know any of those things!

D's Mom said...

I've only seen the first one....and yes, it was quite quite cheesy. :)