Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little Miss Smarty Pants

So I'm a biased mom. But I was pretty amazed when I realized that my sweet little girl (no longer a baby... sniff sniff) knows three of her shapes. Ben and I tell her the different shapes at times, but we haven't spent excessive time trying to get her to learn them.

Imagine my surprise when I found a new toy in her closet that I forgot we had. She'd never even seen this toy before, and the first time I pulled it out she was choosing the correct shapes when I asked.



Katrina said...

Wow Kelly, that's pretty advanced!! I am positive Ethan doesn't know his shapes. Way to go Sophie!

Phelps family said...

wow! I'm impressed! (Nice teacher voice too, Kelly!) Seriously, Isaac just starting making his woof sound recently, and I decided to teach the question (what does a dog say?) AFTER he had already learned the answer.
Way to go Sophie! She is a little girl, but she's still your baby. She may be not wanting to sit and rock much at this stage, but she still wants her momma. Carly has come back around to wanting to sit with momma. Mmmm! Warms my heart.

D's Mom said...

Little smartie! That's so cute.

Meshellyn said...

Very impressive! I don't even know if we've worked with Emmy on her shapes much... now I feel we need to get started! It also sounded like she was trying to say the names of those shapes too when she picked them up :) How cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow! We're doing good just working on the animal sounds *hehe* Go Sophie!!
-Sara G

Moo-Moo said...

Man, that is so incredible! I knew with parent like you and Ben that she would be really intelligient. Keep being the great parents that you are because I can seriously say that's its working!