Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Snowy Day Chronicles

By noon today, this was the view from our front door:

Needless to say, Sophie and I were hermits in our pajamas and sweats (until I had to go to work at 2). I know my readers will be so thankful that I recorded our day in pictures - just with you all in mind!!

Before I could finish baking my Christmas bread, our front room looked like a little monster had attacked (oh wait - she had!).

Lucky for me, that same little monster loves to help with the laundry:

Occasionally on a long day inside, Sophie likes to play with her toys the "right" way:

But mostly, she likes to invent new ways of playing with them:

She must make sure to watch Baby Einstein in at least three different positions:

It's a necessity to get some dancing time in:

Sophers has to holler at the doggies in the backyard, because she loves to see them pop up in that window (even though they're never going to come out of their shelter in this weather).

She'll make some funny faces at Momma's camera, and of course she'll definitely want to put on fun things to wear (i.e. reindeer antlers - not pictured - and this silly name tag that is from VBS back in July):

After a nice nap, DaDa comes home and helps us create new ways to have fun (and isn't Momma so thankful for DaDa)!!

What winter weather adventures have you had lately?


Merina said...

We finally got some snow down here last night, but a lot was gone by this afternoon. O well, it was fun while it lasted. I wish i could spend the day in my pjs, i can next week, no school til Jan 5, yeah.

JEroh said...

That picture of her dancing is adorable. I can't wait to hold the chubbers again! And I don't care if there IS snow. It'll be a nice change of pace from here.

katie said...

Her hair is getting long. So pretty!

Anonymous said...

You had my same idea! You baked bread, I baked cookies! We took Addie out and played in the snow when daddy got home. She had a blast! Hope to see you two soon!!
-Sara G

Damon and Amy said...

Oooh! What did you bake? It looks amazing and I would love to have the recipe. Can you e-mail it to me please?!! Cute pics of Sophie and your snow day.

Tiny Toes said...

Well Lyssa got her first taste of snow and now she requests it by signing "more" every time we go outside! (Thank you Dadda!)