Sunday, July 19, 2009

From Dust to Dust

I have heard it said that we enter this world and leave this world in basically the same form. My children are proof of that theory.

The other day I just happened to catch Will on camera as he exhibited his "Would Someone in this Wretched Nursing Home Please Find My Dentures" look.

No folks, that's not a diaper on Sophie. She's modeling her "big-girl panties" a.k.a. "mom bought some of my panties too big and now I have my very own Granny Panties."

Next thing I know they'll be joining Edith and Walter at the "old folks' home" for a game of Bunko.


Kayla said...

Hahahaha!!! Love it!

Phelps family said...

Oh, Kelly! You gave me a great big ol' belly laugh tonight. Thanks!

Andrea Kay said...

Bunko...your too funny! And they do look like granny panties!

Devion said...

Do you see the look on the poor girl's face? She's embarrassed. :) You didn't realize that they were going to grow up THAT fast, now did you? :)

Amy in Edmond said...

The picture of Will is funny.

Can we stop and see you on Wed. as we go home?

Ashley said...