Friday, July 17, 2009

Sophie Rediscovers an Old Friend

This was Sophie's when she was a baby. Now it's Will's... and Sophie's. Check out the video. I'm pretty sure she didn't always sing with it like she does now.



Lori said...

That is too cute! Looks like she's having long as Will doesn't get mad and try to take it back from her!

Phelps family said...

That's cute. Carly did similar things when old toys reappeared for Isaac to use. The big one for us was a walking push toy that looks like and sounds like a car. Carly totally took it over and would pretend she was driving to the store with it.

Devion said...

PRECIOUS! That is so cute. Cassie has done the same thing. She STILL thinks that the bumbo was a magical seat made just for her! That could be because of the fact that the very first time we ever put Conrey in it, he got stuck, so she never saw HIM sitting in it. :) She still fits in it well. :) :) :)

LOVED the singing. The girl can carry a good tune for a 2-year-old.

D's Mom said...

That's so cute.

And, can I make a request? No Comic Sans. I hate that font. :)

Ryla said...

That is to cute, what a priceless video to have!

I know she is your sister, but use comic sans all you want I really like that font!:)

billandsharon49 said...

This is just one more reason that I can't wait for our visit in a little more than a week.
Grandpa Tyson

Meshellyn said...

Love it! We too have toy envy around here. I'm trying hard to not call any of the toys Emberley's toys or Cambrie's toys because I can see the jealousy starting to peek through when she plays with her old baby things. She definitely thinks it's all "mine" or hers, haha. Gotta love it!

D's Mom said...

By the way, hope I didn't sound rude when I made my request... :)

I really do think Sophie singing is very cute!!!