Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Bet Lance Has Never Pulled 50+ Pounds Behind Him

Yes, I realize we have the 2-year-old noggin safely tucked away, while the 6-month-old... well... who knew they don't really make helmets that small. By "they," of course, I mean Target... which is my biking accessory shop.

It's quite the therapeutic activity for my children, as evidenced by the below pictures:

Therapeutic, that is, until she wakes up with 2 pounds of hard plastic smooshing her brains in, and realizes that the pretty princesses don't really make wearing it as fun as mom promised.


Harrold Family said...

Too funny.

Phelps family said...

I totally hear you on the 50 lbs. I rode with Isaac to pick up Carly from preschool the other day, and wow was the trip home tough. I think my total load is more like 60 lbs.
Also, I don't usually make them wear helmets in the trailer, but I always buckle them and pull the cover over the top. I only do it that way because Officer Phelps said so.

Ryla said...

I love the sleeping pictures.
I am excited my sister is giving us their pull behind. I better get in shape though! Sounds like it is a work out!

Devion said...

You are too funny! I seriously laughed out loud! :)

Tiny Toes said...

That was totally a laugh out loud! Thank you Kelly! I needed that.