Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Totally Rad 7 Month Old

On Friday Ben threw me an "Awesome 80s Party" for my 30th. When I told him that I was only 10 when the 80s rang out, he said that we needed to celebrate the decade in which I had my "formative years."

Here are Ben and I. I was going for the 80s-Madonna/Cindy Lauper look; Ben was going for the hilarious men-wore-their-pants-too-tight-and-their-shirts-too-bright-in-the-80s look.

Will was sportin' the faux-hawk and had on a shirt that said "I rock it old school."

Sophie is cute in anything she wears, even ugly things.

If you want to see more pics of other fun 80s costumes, including Kimberlee who came "pregnant" because she was prego 2 times in the 80s, follow this link: Kelly's 80's Party.

Will turned 7 months old yesterday. He is so precious to us! Thanks to our friend Jamie for the adorable little hat!


D's Mom said...

Your family looked adorable for your party. Hope you had a great bday! At least I got to celebrate with you last weekend. :)

Andrea Kay said...

Sophie was cracking me up in those pants....and lets not ever mention Ben and his pants and shoes (with socks) again :) It was fun! So glad you did a themed party!

Maria said...

Oh my, I love the outfits. It looks like you had a great birthday!!

Amy in Edmond said...

Kelly, your outfit was fantastic.

Devion said...

You look at the pic of Ben and the tightness of the pants bothers you?!? What about the SHORTNESS! That's what Andrea and I couldn't get over! Dude! Where's the flood?!? :)

Phelps family said...

LOVE those pictures of Will. Such a sweet baby.
And your party looks like it was a blast. Love the outfits you all donned.

Jessica said...