Monday, November 16, 2009

If You Want Something Bad Enough... quickly learn to use the sign for "more" that your 8-month-old brother is becoming quite proficient with. After all, he not only gets an enthusiastic shower of praise when he uses it, he also gets whatever his little heart desires.

And that, my friends, to her 2-year-old mind, is quite ingenious.


Amy in Edmond said...

Yeah, there pretty smart. Isn't there a book out that says something about everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten. Will told me this in 4th grade.

Lisa said...

Thats funny! And thats great that Will is signing back to you already! Blake has yet to do a sign back to me...granted I haven't been as consistent with teaching him as I was with Karli, but still I am hoping he will eventually. Isn't it funny how the older one will revert to doing what the baby is doing when they see the attention it brings and the outcome?!? This happens on numerous occasions at our house.