Friday, November 13, 2009

My Love-Hate Relationship With My Son's Mobility

Oh, hi there, sweet boy. I always love to see that precious face!

Wait a minute. Your smile is fading and your eyes have that slighty tortured look to them. No, please don't start crying.

Awww, crud, here it comes. I thought when you followed me around performing this same ritual about ten times in the last hour you might have been satisfied by now. What do I know?


Grandma Eroh said...

He's probably tired of seeing that black box in your face! But keep them coming. Grandma loves the picures!

Shannon Plumb said...

He loves his momma!:)

Moo-Moo said...

Kelly, Antwone wants to know if he'll be a football player or a star wars finatic in comparison to you and Ben?