Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh Leap Frog, We Love You!

Q: How does a 2-mth-old baby play?

A: They don't.

It does help to have a few things to direct their attention to other than you, though. Siblings help with that. We also have a fun Leap Frog toy that my sis gave us when Sophie was born. It flashes lights and plays classical music. All my babies have loved it, for about as long as a 2-mth-old can pay attention to something. It gives me an extra five minutes to put on some makeup... some days (although if you read my last post you can see that doesn't always happen).

My older two kids had a great time with this toy when I pulled it back out for Seth. Sophie also did the same thing after Will was born.

Here are each of the kids as babies watching the toy:



Seth really doesn't look like his siblings. It'll be interesting to see if that trend continues.


Tiny Toes said...

There is one thing I noticed, Soph looked completely "girly" even back then! What a beauty!

Donna said...

I finding neat that each kid has their own look as babies. Sometimes as babies the kids will resemble another sibling and they all have a look their own. LOVE IT!!!

katie said...

I love that the toy has so been so well loved and used! That makes me happy. :)

All of your babies are so stinkin' cute. I must say it is hilarious to see how much hair Sophie had even way back then. Of course I knew she had a lot of hair as a baby, but to see a photo to remind me of really how much it was...oh wow. That girl has so much hair!!

Devion said...

You know what's funny, Kel? After we talked earlier about it, I look at these pictures and think that Will and Seth look more similar at that age than Will and Soph. Maybe it's just me, but I DO see a similarity at that age! Weird!

Andrea Kay said...

I love that you took the same photo of all kids...how smart are you?! I have to say that they may not all look alike, but they are each so beautiful!

Grandma Eroh said...

I agree with Andrea that it's way cool that you have the same picture of all three kids. Funny, though, granddad and I think that Seth looks more like Sophie in those pictures. It'a also funny that each baby had less hair! Love you all!

Kayla said...

I cannot believe how different Seth looks the Sophie and Will!