Monday, October 20, 2008

Private Jeremy Eroh

We made it back last night from San Diego. We had a wonderful time, and Jeremy is finally a true United States Marine! His stories about boot camp are amazing - about all the things he went through and had to accomplish in order to get to this point. Have I mentioned how proud I am of him?

Here are some pictures from his graduation. They are a little hard to see with him mixed in with his platoon, but I put red arrows on the pictures pointing to Jeremy.

This first pic is actually from the day before graduation, called Family Day. My mom, dad and sister made it on that day. Ben and I came the next day for the actual grad. Here he is getting ready to go on a run with his platoon. This was the first time my family got to see him.

The picture below was part of the graduation ceremony. Jeremy is marching with his platoon.

Here Jeremy and his platoon are in formation listening to the ceremony and awaiting their orders to be "released."

Here I am with Ben, Soph and Jeremy after the graduation ceremony.

Here is my handsome brother of the United States Marine Corps.

After his graduation, Jeremy was released to leave base for the first time in 14 weeks. We spent the rest of Friday and all day Saturday in San Diego enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery. It was fun to watch Jeremy wear his Marines t-shirt in public and get thanks from random people for serving our country.

Once again, I just have to praise our amazing God and Father for all He has done for Jeremy! Jeremy knows it is through God's strength that he's where he is today. How precious and humbling it is to serve such a good, powerful, life-giving God!


Ashley said...

I am so proud of your brother! And how wonderful that you all got to see him in action and during his graduation! :)

The Leeth family said...

It is truly a courageous and strong thing to join the marines during a time of uncertain war! Thank you to your brother! And congratulations!!

Abbie H. said...

Looks like you guys had a great time and you definitely are a proud sister--for good reason!!!! Congrats to him!!

Meshellyn said...

Congratulations Jeremy! What an amazing path for him to have chosen. We're so thankful!