Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yesterday we took Sophie and the doggies, Hurley and Brady, to Woofstock. Woofstock is a benefit put on by the Kansas Humane Society every year at one of Wichita's largest parks, Sedgwick County Park. They have many activities for your dogs, including a dog costume contest and owner-dog look-alike contest.

It was insane the number of people that came out to this thing. We had a great time and Sophie LOVED watching all the different doggies.

Soph was tuckered by the end of our trip, and although it was less than 10 minutes to get home, she was asleep before we arrived.

While we were there watching every type of breed and cross-breed of dog walk by, we couldn't help but laugh with our God at his creativity and sense of humor. Dogs are amazing and intelligent creatures, but there sure are some that are silly looking!!


katie said...

I bet she did like watching all the dogs. Delaney would enjoy seeing all those dogs too!

Andrea Kay said...

I love Woofstock! I went the previous two years and it is too much for one person to handle with all the dogs! I took a year off this year since we have two dogs now! Maybe next year!

Abbie H. said...

That looks like it was fun! We always enjoyed taking Zoe (our great dane) to the Great Dane Roundup at the Pet Festival in OKC. She loved it too!

Ashley said...

I would have loved to bring Gracie! How fun!! Sophie looked sooo tired after a day full of doggy fun!!