Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ridiculous with the Stars

The Jive + 82-year-old Cloris Leachman = turn off the TV and do something worthwhile.

I am not a huge TV watcher. There are not many shows that I allow to waste my time or rot my brain (television is so filthy anymore!). Imagine my displeasure, then, when one of the few shows I do watch, Dancing with the Stars, continues to allow this woman to dance.

I know, I know. America keeps voting for her. Until this point I have, in general, kept my faith in the American public. I am starting to doubt my decision.


katie said...

I didn't even see it this week -- I'm busy Monday nights, Tuesday nights, and Wed. nights. I want DVR. :)
Anyway, I didn't see it, but yeah, why is she still there??

The Leeth family said...

She is still there for the same reason Jerry Springer lasted so long! Rating and comedic effect! But I agree, she needs to go!

Moo-Moo said...
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Moo-Moo said...

I find it HILARIOUS that america is still voting to keep her on, but I would definitely pay to see her dance LIVE!