Thursday, October 16, 2008

San Diego Bound

We're off to San Diego! We have waited for this moment for the last 13 weeks. My brother, Jeremy, is graduating from boot camp tomorrow and will finally be an official Marine!

Jeremy is in the picture below, but it's a low quality picture. He is the one in the middle. I will post better pictures as soon as we get back.

I'm so proud of Jeremy and the decision he made to join the Marine Corps. I'm also extremely thankful to the Lord for giving Jeremy the strength to make it through this long and trying time.

Please pray for our safe travels, and say some thanks to God for bringing Jeremy to this point!


Andrea Kay said...

He looks so good!!!! Congrats to Jeremy...I am totally impressed! Safe travels to your entire family and we can't wait to see photos!

Matt and Lori said...

I am so happy for Jeremy! I didn't realize he was in boot camp, but I'm sure he is glad to be graduating! Have a great trip!