Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2nd, 2000

It was TEN YEARS AGO today that I "officially" became "Ben's girl." Yes, folks, our dating anniversary was on Groundhog's Day. Before you begin to tease me, at least it wasn't Valentine's Day - now that would be cheesy. (Funnily enough, I actually said that one time in Dr. Don's marriage class and he politely informed me that his wedding anniversary was on Valentine's Day. Oops.)

This pic is from that night. He took me to see The Tigger Movie. I was a happy girl that night. All these years later, he still makes me a very happy girl.


Clint and Marilyn said...

I was in that class w/ you & I remember when you said that! It was so funny! I think he even went on to say that they had red roses & red dresses...yep, CHEESY!

Rachel said...

Ok, everyone on facebook was giving you a bad time about your sandals, but I guess I'm just not seeing it. Sure they are a bit dated, but they just don't jump out to be as being all that bad. Besides you were looking good with or without the sandals.
Here's to the two of you and 10 happy years together! Bring on many more!

D's Mom said...

You two are adorable.

I'm with Rachel on the sandals...I'm not seeing how funny they are either....a bit dated but not bad.

Amy in Edmond said...

Bill would be proud of you for the date aniversary day. He loves the Groundhog Day movie and watches it over and over during this time of year.

Congrats on your anniversary date.

Were you spring sing director that year? The first time I remember meeting you was when you were looking for help with spring sing costumes and Ben brought you by.

Devion said...

Did you happen to see Kellie's post today? HA! I laughed!

jemma said...

hi it is jemma! i am so happy you are coming ! i love you !

Tiny Toes said...

Thanks for the comment. Like I said I'll try to do better with posting... We'll see!
I can't believe 10 YEARS! Time flies. Your hair, long like that, reminds me of your first visit to York. You were so nervous you hardly talked. I thought you didn't like me. Turns out you were worried what I would think of you! So funny that we are both so much alike! And now having you in my life these last 10 years has been the most wonderful blessing! God bless you Sister!