Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nuggets Update

I've started a new job, three half-days a week, and surprisingly I cannot keep on top of a THING. I'm sure you're thinking: but Kelly, it's just 3 mornings a week... what's wrong with you? I've been asking myself the same question every day for the last two weeks.

Because I haven't had the time to do my normal, quick posts that I enjoy, I thought I'd post a more boring update with some pictures. I'm sure Ben's parents will at least enjoy it if no one else does.

Yesterday we took a trip to the audiologist for our routine retesting of both kids. Unfortunately, little Sophers has shown another decline in her hearing. The audiologist was slightly concerned due to the fact that Sophie's hearing was completely stable for over 2 years, and then in the last six months she's had two episodes of decline. She suggested that we follow up with our ENT and talk to him about possibly doing an MRI. I would not be honest without admitting that I do have some anxieties over this, but the book of Philippians tells me to "not be anxious about anything... but with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." SO, finding things to be thankful for, such as hearing aids, while we go to Him in prayer! Oh how we love our hearing aids! (And thankful for my sweet sister who was so good to remind me of this).

Here is Sophers doing her speech homework with her Daddy:

Things with Nugget #3 are good. We had the first doc's visit last week and heard the heartbeat. Everything looked good, heartbeat was high (girl?), and I felt this sense of thankfulness and reality. A third?... Really? I truly am more nervous about this one than I was when expecting Will (although he was a little more... errr... planned, shall we say?).

Yet then I experience moments like in the picture below. God is so gracious to always remind me that the life He's created inside of me is just as precious as the two I now watch playing on my floor; the two that fill my heart to overflowing; the two that I adore.

That's most of the news from our corner of the world. Perhaps one of these days I'll return to your regularly scheduled programming. Don't give up on me yet.


Bertolli said...

Don't worry Kelly. Other people besides the grandparents like seeing the pics. We like to see the little cuzs over here in Moab too. Make sure you tell us if it's a boy or a girl. :)

Maria said...

Sophie looks like such a big girl with that ponytail! And Will's messy face picture cracks me up... I can definitely relate. I'm so ready for my kiddo to have perfect table etiquette. =)

PS. I love how uplifting you are. Even in times of uncertainty, you know how to remember to praise God. I love that and really admire that about you!

Andrea Kay said...

Kel, Sending precious prayers for those precious ears! God always has a mighty plan and you dear friend are in the midst of one in the making!

I cannot believe how big Sophie looks in the pic with Ben! Love the ponytail!!!

Holly said...

Kelly, don't be too hard on yourself! Two little ones, a pregnancy, home, husband and a job is a lot!!

D's Mom said...

It's so fun to see pics! They are precious and I WANT TO SEE THEM. Please come this weekend?! ;)

Love you tons and your girl is in my prayers.

Amy in Edmond said...

I'm so glad we got to spend a little time with your family on Sunday.

Devion said...

Even though Soph's hearing has declined, her speech has IMPROVED despite that in my humble opinion. As your wise sister reminded you (and us all), thank you God that we're in the age of technology that allows Sophie to be aided to better hearing. A child with these hurdles would have had mountains instead of hurdles not that long ago. Praising God that she has good doctors, good aid, and good parents that will encourage and support her every step of the way. Love you all, friend!

Rachel said...

I love your updates no matter how often they may be. And I wouldn't worry too much about not keeping up with the new schedule. My schedules get pretty messed up just dropping off and picking up Carly from school three days a week for mornings. Then throw in a husband who has his days off on weekdays and works nightshift so, he falls victim to sleep at any moment in the day (on his days off). So I totally understand about your crazy schedule and trying to make it all fit. No worries. God will work this out for you to. Just keep being the best wife and mother you can--which you're already doing!
We'll definitely be praying for Sophie and her little ears. I'm sure the news was a bit disappointing, but you have a great frame of mind to remember to praise God for His blessings.
Love you guys.
Oh, and tell Ben I've laid off my mustache comments to Shawn. Carly has now taken it upon herself! HA! I love it!

T. L. Cole said...

I didn't know you were pregnant again! Congrats!