Friday, February 19, 2010

My Australian Tears

I'm almost a year behind on my Christian music news. I LOVE the Newsboys, and only this week I realized that their lead singer, the gorgeous Peter Furler, left the band sometime last year. How can you claim to be The Newsboys and not have Peter Furler up there singing his bald little heart out, with all that passion and presence and sexy Australian accent?!?!

Old Newsboys:

New Newsboys:

That is not that Newsboys!! You might notice that they're also missing Phil Joel (the bass guitarist with the long, curly hair), who left a couple years ago. Now, the new lead singer is Michael Tate, who used to sing for DC Talk. DC Talk was great; I have a couple of their albums and still enjoy them. But Michael Tate makes the Newsboys something very different, and frankly, I don't know if I'll like it.

Yes, I'm sure he'll sing beautifully for them. Yes, it's not all about me. And yes, I know, the focus should not be Peter Furler, it should be about spreading the message of Christ. Touche. In the meantime, I'll be crying pools of tears into my pillow for my Australian love.


kauffeegrl said...

I hate when one of your favorite groups change it up, though I guess they have to do what's best for their lives, eh? That happened a bit with a group I used to love called Acapella. And Kelly, I love the Newsboys, too. Love their lyrics :-)

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Take a deeeeeep breath, my friend. Peter Furler is still part of the Newsboys, he just won't be touring, ("fronting the band in concert") as far as I understand it- that's the part that Tait has jumped in for! Read here. Okay? It's going to be okay.

(I had the same reaction, I must admit- the duo of Peter Furler and Steve Taylor is unbelievable- but I'm so happy that we will still be hearing more of the wonderful, amazing, inspiring "same"!)


Rachel said...

Well you're not the only one behind on the news. I had no idea. I hope Elise is right, because I would really miss his voice as well.

Kelly T said...

Thanks, Elise. I had actually read that, but am still throwing a fit b/c I love Peter Furler so much. Perhaps people loved him a little too much, and that could be part of what Christ is doing here. I'll get over it and I'm sure I'll still love their music. =O)

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Laughing out loud at "throwing a fit"! :)

Even mamas need to throw fits once in awhile. Makes us feel soooooo much better, and maybe we'll be a little more understanding when a little moppet does the same.

You fit thrower. ;)

glendon said...

Actually Elise, he's not part of the band any more, except in prayer support, as much as any of the rest of us fans. Sorry to break it to you all, but he didn't write or produce or contribute anything to their upcoming project. He's really done. Check out his website and check out what he's been up to lately, notice that there is no mention anywhere of newsboys or their project or members.

Rachel said...

I know, I know, I know. My reaction was the same. I was still recovering from the Phil Joel departure 3 years prior (not sure my heart can heal from the lack of gorgeous harmonies on Something Beautiful now). My attempts at analogies for non-fans fell short. I'd start to say, "It would be like Mick Jagger taking over as lead singer of Bon Jovi." Only nothing compares! Thank you for feeling my pain. I'm seeing them for the first time as a 3/4 American, only 1/4 Australian band on Sunday. I'll let you know how it turns out. :\

glendon said...

Never met you, but I sure feel like I know you! We have the same pain! Love your comment about crying for your Aussie love! Ha!
It's a flat out shame.
And we never got a real explanation from him either. The music world has had a real loss. Unless he decides to put out some solo music.
Makes me about cry every day, still...Losing Phil was pretty hard, but this..

Rachel said...

Well, it's time for my review after seeing them last night. It's tough to explain. I went in with an open heart. While I mourn that an incredible era is finished, I must admit that newsboys as they are now (although they don't sound like THE newsboys), are still the best Christian band currently in existence. Hopefully that provides SOME consolation.

Kelly T said...

Very interesting, Rachel. I was thinking about not going to Winter Jam but maybe I should go now so I can see for myself. Appreciate your open heart.