Sunday, February 7, 2010

Women Walking With God 2010

Each year in April, my church - Northside Church of Christ - hosts the Women Walking With God conference. We're getting ready for our fourth year, and it just keeps getting better and bigger (last year over 800 women attended!). The conference is the last weekend in April. If you will be anywhere near Wichita, you should make plans to come this year - you will be so blessed by the experience!

Go check out this year's promo video!! The video is incredible and I was humbled to take part in such a powerful work of the Lord.

If you have questions please let me know... I hope to see you there this year!!


Lisa said...

Thanks so much for posting this Kelly. It sounds awesome and I am now very interested in getting a group together to come to it! Thanks for making us aware of this opportunity! Maybe I'll see you there!

Devion said...

You will NOT be sorry that you fit this into your schedule. It is an amazing, life-changing event that gives you that BOOST you need at this time of year. Just wanted to mention that it sells out SUPER QUICKLY, so if you want to come, get your tickets! You don't want to miss out! :)

Andrea Kay said...

Kel, I love the video. It turned out so good! And I am thrilled that at 9 full months pregnant, I didn't look like a beached whale! (not that my looks was what made the video great!).

Meshellyn said...

I love the video! I was seriously teary-eyed! Maybe it's because I know many of you and/or know your stories, but it was great! Glad I'm posting after Andrea, because I was wondering if she was pregnant again. She looked GREAT at 9 months! JEALOUS! See you in April :)