Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Elmo

On Saturday we took the kids to Sesame Street Live, or "Big Elmo," as Sophie calls it. We had a blast! It was so worth the ticket money to watch my kids' expressions and see how much they enjoyed it.

Anxiously awaiting the show's beginning:

Our Sesame Street friends:

Loving every minute:

Will loved the show as well. I expected him to lose interest quickly, but he stayed interested for pretty much the entire show, and would even stand up and "dance," bounce, clap his hands and wave his little arms in the air professing his excitement in babbles. It was precious!

Snuggy time with Grandma:

Bye-bye, Elmo!

I have to add that Sophie thanked God that night for going to Big Elmo, she woke up on Sunday morning and said, "We're going to Big Elmo tomorrow," and even tonight she thanked God again that we get to "go to Big Elmo." I'm hoping she'll eventually forget since they don't come back for another year!


Tiny Toes said...

Too precious! Isn't it funny how they remember the fun things? I love how Elyssa goes on and on about going to someone's house, especially when it's in her prayers!

Donna said...

Those are great. I am so glad you all had a great time. Every time Addison sees a picture of something that happened a long time ago, she will talk about it like it happened yesterday.

Andrea Kay said...

So fun! And I have to say Kel, your baby bump is adorable in that first pic!

The Hudkins Family said...

My kids loved that show also!! And I love that Bob went with you! I miss him so much.

Jessica said...

Ok, so now I'm jealous... :) I want to go to SSL! I remember going as a little kid and I just know Kinley would LOVE it! Glad you guys had so much fun!

Devion said...

I TOTALLY forgot about it! So glad you all enjoyed it!

katie said...

That's so great that they had such a good time! And it's so cute that she calls it "Big Elmo".

Rachel said...

Looks like so much fun. And how fun that your parents went along. Something tells me they probably wouldn't have felt compelled to get tickets before having grandkids. Haha!