Friday, March 19, 2010

Five Reasons to Visit Your Neighborhood Zoo

#1. Your children get to see the faces of their friends instead of yours all day:

#2. Quality time with Mommy... and the stroller.

#3. They can taunt something else for a change instead of each other ("c'mon, Mr. Lion, come and get me!")

#4. They can get extensive practice with their newly learned skills, such as pointing at interesting objects.

#5. You can really prove to them who's boss when you stay too long and have one complaining that she's hungry for an entire thirty minutes while the other screams uncontrollably for the five minute walk back to the car.

That'll teach 'em who makes the decisions in this house.

Get outside before it snows this weekend!!!


Donna said...

Love this. Excellent post, but my favorite picture is the screaming one. I think the commentary is what made it for me.

Amy in Edmond said...

Will suggested that we do some fun things over springbreak like we did when Bill was writing his PhD. The next thing out of his mouth was, that we would not be going to the zoo.

Jessica said...

Fun post! Glad you all are enjoying the outdoors! Makes for happy Mommas and babies!

Grandma Eroh said...

Great post! I love reading your comments, sweetie!

Rachel said...

Very fun! I only wish we had a zoo in Juneau. Of course it would probably be pretty lame. The one in Anchorage is a bit ridiculous really. They have bears, moose, yeah, can't we just see that in our backyard? (Well not really, but they're not too far.)
I love Sophie's hat! So cute.
And I think your reason #3 is my favorite. There's plenty of sibling taunting that happens in our house.

Ryla said...

So fun! I am looking forward to being able to be out and do more for sure!!