Friday, March 26, 2010

If You Want Your Kids to Enjoy Reading, Let Them Have Fun With the Refrigerator Letters

I swear I've heard that somewhere before. Maybe it was on Sesame Street. I bet it was even someone famous yet "smart" that said it, like Michelle Obama or Angelina Jolie. The refrigerators letters are where it's at, people.

My kids are going to be the smartest in their class, because this is their new favorite game.

Step 1: Put all the letters that aren't already on the floor within 1-year-old brother's reach.

Step 2: Help said brother wreak havoc on the kitchen by pelting the cheap, fake floor tile with indestructible alphabet projectiles.

Step 3: Pretend you enjoy picking up the plastic alpha-bombs so you look really cute for the camera.

Step 4: Mysteriously disappear so you can make sure the brother is the one who really does all of the "clean-up" work.

Step 5: When you notice that pesky brother abandoning his post to beg attention off of mom, quickly join him. This is the only other way to be assured of safety from that wretched "clean up" song for the tenth time today.


Ryan Corcoran said...

I LOL'd @ "Step 3: Pretend you enjoy picking up the plastic alpha-bombs so you look really cute for the camera."

Nice narrative.

Grandma Eroh said...

I love how they play these games together. Or did Sophie see you get the camera out, so she came over to pose?! Too cute! I always enjoy your comments, too, Kell Bell!

Rachel said...

Oh, we know this game too! And that, my friend is why the plastic letters now stay in a box and only come out when real play with them will happen. I got so tired of always having letters on the floor and stepping on them barefoot that I gave up months ago. So far so good. They get them out to truly play with and not just chuck them onto the floor. It seems to work better for my toes too! :)

Devion said...

Pretty sure I haven't seen all 26 of my letters in a few months. The thing that I was thinking as I read this post was that my letters only end up on the floor these days when little Will comes to my house (which obviously has not been lately). Conrey FINALLY outgrew that stage! HALLELUJAH! :) I was SO with Rachel on the toes!