Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a Bathtime Party!

Will's favorite thing in the world is taking baths. Therefore we found it appropriate to theme his first birthday party accordingly. Enjoy the pictures!

It's my party and I'll drool excessively and all over everything if I want to:

I'll also kiss cute baby girls if I feel so entitled:

And I just might practice taking a few steps... but only a few.

The amazing bathtub cake, made by my incredibly talented friend Brianne. Notice how the tile matches our bathroom:

The little bathtub came off the big cake and was Will's own personal cake! He LOVED the bubbles and began picking them off one by one. Check out his cute little grin as he eats the first one:

Figuring out how this works:

This is good stuff!

Did you really let me just eat all of that knowing how I would feel afterward?:

We asked our friends to wear bath attire in honor of Will (those who didn't comply were banned from the picture):

Happy family (well, mostly... the 2-year-old was tired of pictures by this time and let us know it):

Will's favorite gift - his couch/sleeper! He crawls all over it and thinks it is great fun!

A big thanks to my mom and dad for all their help, and to my sis for getting her kiddos up at 6 a.m. to make a surprise appearance!
Happy birthday, big boy!!


heather hub said...

i kind of think an open mouth kiss is a little inappropriate for this age. but happy birthday anyway, will! what a cutie!

Donna said...

It was such a great theme and cake. You are so creative. The cake was fantastic. Bri is so talented.

Kayla said...

It looks like it was a blast! Sorry Rachel was SLEEPING and we had to miss it! :)

Devion said...

And a great time was had by all...

OK Chick said...

I love the cake. It's so cute.

Andrea Kay said...

Such a cute cake...and cute little 1year old!!!

kauffeegrl said...

Happy birthday Will! I didn't realize how close in age he and Jack are who will have his first birthday in a couple weeks. The party loos like fun-what a clever idea for the little bathtub cake!!

Rachel said...

What a fun looking party. And a fun looking boy! What a great cake! Brianne did a fantastic job. She puts my birthday cakes to shame.
So does Ben shower in his OU shirt? Since you said everyone was supposed to come in their bath attire.
Oh, and you should had told me and I would have mailed you one of my hooded bath towels and you could have given it away as a door prize or something. You know a little free advertising to the Wichita peeps.

Nathan said...

what a fun idea!!

this is actually Ryla

Anonymous said...

It was great fun! And sorry for the open mouth kiss-I will try and teach her better haha!