Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Big Girl

What a big girl Sophie is becoming! She was 14 months on the 26th of August, and she is still (as much as ever) Miss Independent. Sophie decides what she wants to do or eat and she tells us all about it when she doesn't get what she wants. We are already praying for lots of wisdom in raising this strong-willed child in the years to come!

Sophers is talking up a storm! Most if it is still baby babble, but she has started to say some words and it is precious. She also LOVES to copy us and tries to repeat many things we say. This is a sampling of the things she says on her own:
1. Bye-Bye (I was even informed she said this one "on the phone" in the church nursery today)
2. More (she's great with this one when she's eating!)
3. Nose
4. Ball
5. Grandma and Grandad
6. Bubble - this is her newest one. We've played with bubbles some lately, and she would repeat me saying it, but she shocked Momma tonight with this one. When we were playing in the nursery at church, she pointed up on the shelf at the bubbles and said, "Bu-bu!"

Here are some cute pictures we took today in her new bows from Miss Andrea. Andrea is a friend from church who keeps Sophie well supplied with high-fashion hairbows. I mentioned at one point that none of our "Andrea designer" bows were in doubles, so we couldn't use them with pigtails. Did Andrea ever deliver! Today we were surprised with multiple pairs of cute new bows. Thanks, Andrea - bring on the piggy-tails!

A couple of new bath pics. Too cute to pass up!

We are having so much fun with Sophie and feel so blessed every day to be her Momma and DaDa. Children truly are a blessing from the Lord!


katie said...

She is such, such, such a doll....and she looks older. *sniff* Her Aunt Katie wants to see her!!

Andrea Kay said...

Miss Andrea loves making Sophie hair bows....doubles or singles! What a cutie. I seriously loved the coughing on demand yesterday!

Phelps family said...

What a sweet face. She definitely is looking more like a little girl and a little less like a baby.

OK Chick said...

I like the pigtail look. Very cute!

billandsharon49 said...

These pictures are just precious. And they're just what I needed. I've been out of town on business since Monday morning and I haven't seen either of my granddaughters since Sunday.
I was great to be able to jump to your blog and get my fix.
Grandpa Tyson