Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pumpkins Already?!

Did you know it's already time to visit your local pumpkin patch? Make plans now so you don't let the time slip away from you. We took a trip to one this weekend with my sister, Katie, and her family (in Nebraska). The place we went was called the Roca Berry Farm, and there were so many fun things for the kiddos to do. Although I'm a summer-lovin', hot weather girl all the way, going on the hay-rack ride really put me in the mood for sweaters and bonfires (since I frequent the bonfire scene). Now I'm determined to find us a pumpkin patch in Wichita to visit before the season has vamoosed.

Enjoy the pics!

Me & Sophie, Katie & Delaney:

Sweet, sweet, sweet:

Ben & Soph, Troy & Delaney:

Nolan the Gingerbread Man:

Delaney was LOVIN' the inflatables:

Delaney had to help her little cousin push the stroller:

Noley-Noles was TUCKERED:

Delaney's pig face:

Our Li'l Pumpkin:


Harrold Family said...

KAMP will be going to one on the 16th of Oct. Hope you can come. It is at Cox Farms.

Phelps family said...

I soooo wish we had a pumpkin patch in Juneau. One of these years I want to plan a trip to Oregon for October just so we can do the pumpkin patch thing. I miss having farms nearby, but it just ain't ag country here.

katie said...

Cute photos! It was great to have you guys here. Love you!

(Email me some photos when you can)

Sara said...

So cute of both of your families! I love that you & Katie are a little closer now and can get to your kiddos together to hang out - even in a weekend. Treasure it!
By the way, congrats on #2!

HD said...

Cute shirt! I hope Emmy's Daddy is home in time to go to the pumpkin patch w/ us!

Merina said...

A pumpkin patch in Moab, ya right. But we recently had a bonfire for homecoming. it wasn't that fun though, we just burnt a big G. Cute pics

OK Chick said...

Looks like everyone had fun at the pumpkin patch. It looks like I need to visit one here in OKC.

Clint & Marilyn said...

Sophie is so cute in her little sunglasses! Love the pic of her sitting on the pumpkin! We're going in 2 weekends...I wanted to go next weekend, but my husband reminded me that it was Texas/OU weekend, so I got out-voted on that one!