Friday, September 19, 2008


Last night I drove to Oklahoma City sans husband and child. My purpose for going was to attend a conference today about stroke intervention. While the conference was good, the company was so much better! Transitioning to a new city is never easy (even if you grew up there), and I have so missed the fun that I had with the "speechies" I worked with at Jim Thorpe Rehab! I have included pics of some of the girls with Soph when she was born.

Here is Ashley. Ash and I started at Jim Thorpe at the same time, straight out of grad school. We learned survival "in the real speech world" together and, even though she is way cooler than me, she never held it over my head. We had a blast with each other. (If you're wondering what's on Sophie's head, it's the fru-fru bow from Auntie Ashley, of course!)

Jennifer (with son Bryce), was an amazing "mentor" from day one. She never acted annoyed to be there late to help Ashley and I learn. Her love for her work, along with her quick wit, helped me through many a day.

Aleasha (with son Coleman) was my supervisor when I was a speech student at Jim Thorpe. She is a riot and never ceases to make me laugh.

This is Kelly. Kelly and her husband, Chad, have an amazing story written by the Lord.

In late June, Kelly and Chad's newborn son, Brayden, went home to be with God. They had been blessed to know Brayden a little over 2 months. Through the whole process, Chad and Kelly trusted the Lord and never doubted his promises. Today, Kelly told me that she is again expecting. And on their blog, you see the words written of God, "You give and take away..." (Job 1).

I just had to praise God as I drove home tonight. How beautiful and uplifting to see two such faithful servants, who are now being rewarded for their service.

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Kelly Kositzky said...

Kelly thank you so much for your excitement for us and our continued journey. I know that you were right there with us these last four months. God continues to use Brayden and I am so proud. I would love to catch up with you sometime soon. Give me a call when you have time. We are so thankful for friends like you that helped carry our burden just as we are told to.